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De-Groot  Laboratory Equipment Co.  is the largest source for a vast range of micro plates,  strips &  sealers. Applications range:
Cell & Suspension Culture, HTS, HCS, ELISA, PCR, qPCR, Fluorescence, Luminescence, Crystallography, Microscopy, Spectroscopy & Storage. The micro plates include a large format range from 1 up-to 1536 wells.
Variety of  shapes,  colors ,surfaces and raw materials such as:  White, Black, Clear Bottom, Glass Bottom, Polypropylene ,U.V., Advanced TC , Non- Binding Surfaces, Protein Coated Plates ect.  Variety of closing and sealing devices
Self Adhesive sealers, Heat sealers, Mats, Caps strips. For different applications and uses: Storage, qPCR, PCR, Tissue Culture, Pierceable, ELISA and more In different formats, sterile and non-sterile
Most of the products are available in house for immediate delivery. Data and information, as well as white papers for a variety of applications, are available for your viewing and free downloading at this website.  





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